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President Obama Throws First Pitch At All-Star Game


President Obama throws the first pitch before the All-Star game

President Barack Obama performs the ceremonial first pitch at Tuesday’s All-Star Game.  Retired baseball legend Willie Mays flew with Obama from Michigan to St. Louis to attend the game yesterday.


2009 NBA All-Star Highlights

83008114MC024_Sprite_Slam_DThis All-Star weekend 2009 had a number of notable moments. My Highlights were when Nate Robinson jumped over Superman Dwight Howard and slams his way to win his second nba slam dunk competition. But Nate, or should I say Kryptonite, did it in a villain type fashion sporting an all green New York Knicks uniform.

And then something was very different. Allen Iverson cut his hair! Well, that was a surprise. I mean, I remember when

Caept_sports_nba_experts-596409345-1234726890rmelo Anthony lost a bet and had to cut his hair, but A.I had his hair braided since… I’m not sure, but for a very long time. But, change is good. But I’ll miNBA All Star Game Basketballss those fresh intricate styles he brought to the court.

Which now brings me to Shaq. This dude is a bowl of jokes. For some reason his intro seemed to be the longest and he was performing with the Jabawokeez! It was pure hilarity and good times. Remember Shaq and Kobe’s lil feud. I’m not entirely sure about their past details, but we all knew that the two didn’t get along. Some sources even suspected it was all for ratings. But either way, theybilde were back together like they used to be before Shaq left the Lakers. The West dominated the East 146 – 119 and Shaq and Kobe split the MVP honours together.