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Kid Cudi Wears A Kilt?

Wtf, is going on here?  Is Kid Cudi trying to tell us something other than that he may enjoy feeling cool drafts?  A kilt Cudi?  For what purpose really?  He was seen in this outfit on New Years Eve in Miami.  I knew somethin was off about that boy…

And peep the video below of him actually performing in the kilt with John Legend on stage.


Shannon Brown Is The ‘Butt’ Of The Joke In Lakers Locker Room

While in an interview with Derek Fisher, FSN managed to catch another ‘side’ of fellow teammate Shannon Brown in the background…

NFL Player Chris Henry Dies/Was It Suicide?/Ocho Cinco Reacts

Chris Henry of the Cincinnati Bengals passed away Thursday morning after falling from the back of a pickup truck driven by his fiancee Loleini Tonga.  Witnesses say Chris was in the back of the pickup banging the windows and the roof of the vehicle.  They said he was yelling, “We need to talk”, and “If you take off, I’m going to jump off the truck and kill myself”.

Now, one has to ask the question, why didn’t his fiancee just stop?  Or did Chris jump from the moving pickup?  Either way, the story is too sad.

Here’s how fellow teammate Ocho Cinco reacted below:

Stephon Marbury Dances To Barbie Girl?

I don’t even think it makes a difference whether dude was dancing to Barbie Girl or whomever, the dancing is pretty gay.  I’m hearing he’s no longer with the Celtics.

Stephon Marbury Dances With Facial Cleanser On His Face

I just don’t know.  The crying the vaseline and now this and probably many more to come.  Smh…

Stephon Marbury Cries Live On Webcam

All I know is that Stephon Marbury was doing some 24hr live webcam broadcast over the weekend, popped in this song from Kirk Franklin and this happened.  A couple of things go through my mind when I watch this video.   Either he’s a deeply religious kind of guy or he’s still mourning the passing of his father.  I wont say anything else but I will say the guy consoling Marbury and singing, I thought was a little strange.