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Unreleased 2pac Surfaces – New Music


Well, I’m always down for some 2pac, especially new 2pac material.  Don’t even need to say I’m feelin it, cuz I just am period.  If Pac was still around today, alot of so called rappers now would not be rappers today.  After so many years, he is still with us.

Ambitionz Az A Fighta (Mike Tyson Tribute)

If There’s A Cure (I Don’t Want It) ft. Snoop Dogg

War Gamez ft. Outlaws (Unreleased A Cappella)

LIVE 2 TELL – 2pac's Screenplay Coming To Life?


Tupac Shakur

During the time Tupac Shakur was serving his prison sentence in 1995, his multi-platinum album Me Against The World was released and like the workaholic that he was, he wrote an entire screenplay called Live 2 Tell. Since 2007, there’s been speculation of this screenplay being converted into a feature film. At the same time there’s another film (biopic) that his mother Afeni Shakur and directors fighting over in court.

On the other hand, Live 2 Tell is an original screenplay written by Tupac. It’s about a drug kingpin, who wants out of the game. Tupac’s mother has the executive producer credit and the movie rights are with Insomnia Productions. Here’s the official synopsis.

A charismatic young man at the dawn of adulthood spirals down the wrong path in life and is brought into the underworld by his once trusted mentor, only to become one of the most powerful and feared kingpins in the city. Eventually his conscience gets the better of him and he is driven to self redemption in life… and love.

Will we ever end up seeing this film by Tupac or his biopic? It will be interesting to see how everything pans out because both his biopic and his screenplay are in high demand but his mother Afeni wants it to be done right. Can you blame her? Any thoughts?

Source: WoooHa