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Lil Wayne Ft. Eminem – Drop The World (New Music)

Weezy and Em’ come together and create an anger anthem – Drop the World which is the third leaked track off Weezy’s Rebirth.  Notable lyrics include, “B****, I’ma pick the world up and I’m gonna drop it on your f******head” and also, “The world is my Easter egg, prepare to die…”


Kardinal Offishall – Clear (New Music)

Mr. International doing what he does best!

Slum Village – Actin Normal (New Video)

From the upcoming album, Villa Manifesto.  R.I.P Baatin.

JD Era Ft. Drake – Rock N Roll (New Music)

I’m feelin it.

Unreleased 2pac Surfaces – New Music


Well, I’m always down for some 2pac, especially new 2pac material.  Don’t even need to say I’m feelin it, cuz I just am period.  If Pac was still around today, alot of so called rappers now would not be rappers today.  After so many years, he is still with us.

Ambitionz Az A Fighta (Mike Tyson Tribute)

If There’s A Cure (I Don’t Want It) ft. Snoop Dogg

War Gamez ft. Outlaws (Unreleased A Cappella)

Official Whitney Houston Album Cover


Whitney Houston’s album is set for release on September 1, 2009 and it’s going to be the bomb because after all, this is Whitney Houston!

She recently showcased some of the tracks off her album at a listening party in London.  The songs showcased were ” Like I Never Left” featuring Akon.  “I Look to You” featuring R. Kelly.  There will also be credits to Alicia Keys and Johnta Austin just to name a few.  I can’t wait.


Whitney Houston unveils album cover and showcases some tracks at listening party in London

T.I. Ft. Mary J. Blige – Remember Me (New Video)