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Nas & Kelis – Court Update

Both Nas and Kelis were in an LA courtroom yesterday, and Nas reportedly took the stand to answer charges regarding payments he hasn’t made.  But, Nas believed he was up to date with the payments.  He also requested overnight visits with his infant son, Knight.

The judge ordered Nas to pay $40,454 in spousal support and $10,647 in child support. –



Nas Speaks On DUI Arrest/Arrest Footage

Over the weekend, reporters approached Nas and he confirmed that he was arrested in Georgia on DUI charges in September and said he was a victim of police profiling.

“What’s going on?,” Nas asked on-street media as he exited a building. “No such thing man, no such thing. Yeah, that’s hilarious right? You know what it is, profiling man. But you know they can’t stop a good man from shining. Y’all take care. Yeah, you know what I mean? Take care man. – Nas

However, the charges in the case were reportedly dropped.

The case was dismissed after the artist’s drug test came back negative, even after Nas had admitted to officials and reporters that he had been smoking marijuana before being pulled over. (The Celebrity Cafe)

Source:  SOHH

Peep the arrest video below.

Nardwuar vs. Nas – Interview

I always love me some Nas.

Method Man & Redman Talk About Nas/Kelis Settlement (Video)

Meth and Red speak their mind on the whole sticky Nas and Kelis settlement.

Nas & Kelis – The Settlement

nas and kellis

Shortly after the birth of their son Knight, a judge has awarded Kelis 55 k a month plus an additional money for the baby’s nurse, parental expenses and medical insurance.  Nas is also ordered to pay another whopping 35 k to Kelis’ lawyers.  Ouch!

Here’s what Method Man had to say about it:

“as far as speaking on men and women in general. 50 grand a month for some p*ssy is some bullsh*t. Ladies for real all you did was f*ck your man. that money right there. A kid doesn’t need that much to survive. You trying to maintain your life style. That’s f*cked up. I want to see the shoe on the other foot.”

“If we don’t nip this sh*t in the bud right now and have the court system to see sh*t for what it actually is. If you ask me the court system is geared more towards the women than the men”

“What the kids don’t understand is the air they breathing. The lights. The cable. The Mortgage. All that fall on Daddy’s shoulders. Not to mention he has to pay this stanking azz b*tch that he don’t even f*ck with anymore to look good for some other n*gga. This sh*t is crazy to me and any chick that does that sh*t is foul.”

That really was a harsh settlement.

Kelis Has A Boy


R&B singer Kelis delivered a baby boy but according to All Hip Hop, Nas wasn’t allowed to witness the birth of his son.  Check this out:

Nas’ lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan stated that Nas rushed to the hospital to witness Kelis deliver his first son today (July 21). A source close to Nas told that the Queen’s rapper missed the actual child birth.

“Nas is in New York City today, anxiously awaiting the arrival of his son. It was his intention to be there for the birth, but unfortunately he has not been allowed to be present,” a source close to the rapper told “While this is clearly heartbreaking to him, Nas continues to offer his support and love to his new baby boy and his mother.”

Nas and Kelis were due in court today in regards to their pending divorce, specifically child and spousal support.

The date had to be postponed when Kelis, born Kelis Rogers , went into labor, around 10:30 this morning.

That’s sad.  But they were scheduled for court and she just probably did not want to see him.

Nas And Kelis – Update


And so the battle still rages on in court.  Nas offered $5,000 a month for their baby, but Kelis is saying he hasn’t paid for a damn thing since the split.  Kelis says Nas hasn’t paid any of the medical expenses that he promised and that she has only received a cheque for $350 and $2,500 in gift cards.  So she went ahead and filed this court document.

Check it out: