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The Tiger Woods Voicemail Slow Jam Remix

And this… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!  Yes, I couldn’t resist.  This is almost as funny as when neighbors reported that there was a man in a car accident found snoring and shoeless in an Escalade!!!  Don’t worry Tiger, you’re human just like the rest of us.


R. Kelly Speaks On Trey Songz

Now, I love me some Trey Songz and I’m still on the fence when it comes to Kellz’ past allegations.  Songz was promoting his album in the summer and now look who’s promoting his…  But elephants don’t swat flies.

Chris Brown: I Was Wrong For What I Did/Chris & Rihanna Street Fighter Edition

So, what really happened that night, in the car…  And could Rihanna possibly be that damn annoying?

Hella funny, I couldn’t resist.  But on a serious note, domestic violence is not a laughing matter especially when it’s real.

Ashanti & Nelly Call It Quits?

So, after Nelly decides to date Jessica Rabbit and now Melody Thornton (according to a few sites), Ashanti and Juelz Santana were spotted at a BBQ a few weeks ago.

After secretly dating for more than four years, Ashanti and Nelly have reportedly called it quits because he wasn’t ready to settle down, reports the New York Daily News. Just a few months ago when Ashanti was asked about their relationship she admitted that a wedding was “absolutely in the cards” for them, but it looks like Nelly had a different agenda.- Hollyscoop

Hmm, unfortunate.

Is Chris Brown A “Changed Man”?

And while we’re on the subject of “making mistakes,” a track entitled Changed Man is rumored to be on C Breezy’s upcoming album Graffiti.

What makes the song so intriguing are the lyrics.  He sings, “Imma make it up to you and show the world I’m a changed man/Cus you mean that much to me…” And in the chorus, “I’m doing all that I can/and everybody hates Chris/They can never understand…” The track popped up on Youtube sometime Thursday and now nowhere to be found.

It is said that the track is produced by Bad Boy producer BattleRoy and is supposed to be the first single on the album.

Did Jay-Z Drop Drake From Single?



There’s some talk about Jay-Z replacing Drake with Kanye West and Rihanna on his Blueprint 2 album???  Now why is that?  Either Drake mashed Jay-Z on his own track or Jay-Z didn’t like how it came out.  Who really knows, but if it’s true, that’s just messed up. Check out the song single info and Jay’s album promo schedule here.

Janet Jackson And Jermaine Dupri Split

Janet Jackson

Check this out:

On July 7, Michael Jackson’s family gathered to celebrate him at his much-watched memorial service.

Noticeably absent?

Janet Jackson’s longtime music-exec boyfriend, Jermaine Dupri. (A pal says Dupri skipped the memorial because he “doesn’t attend funerals.”)And for good reason. “His friends are telling people it’s over,” a source tells the new issue of Us Weekly, on stands now.  Echoes another: “They have been moving in different directions for a while.”

So what drove Jackson, 43, and Dupri, 36, apart after nearly seven years?  “You shouldn’t mix business with pleasure,” a mutual pal explains. (Dupri produced several tracks on her last two CDs.) “Janet felt their lives were too crossed and they should have kept things sepa rate.”  Plus, the polar opposites were never too compatible.  “Jermaine likes to be out there, mingling with everybody, and Janet’s more shy.” (And secretive: She kept her nine-year marriage to Rene Elizondo hidden until their 2000 ­divorce.)

Meanwhile, Jackson is still deeply mourning the death of her big brother.  “She’s devastated,” an insider says. “She’s busy caring for Michael’s kids. Janet’s the family’s backbone.”

Source:  US Weekly

I guess it also didn’t help when Jermaine turned to Janet and said, “Sorry but I don’t do funerals…”