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We Are Young Money (Youtube Video)

Hella funny!  Produced by Broken Equipment.


A Look Inside Lil Wayne’s Florida Mansion

Sweet!  But if that were my place I’d put photo’s, posters and my achievements all up in that bish.

Weezy Goes To Jail In February 2010

Lil Wayne pleaded guilty to accept up to an 8 month term in jail for gun charges back in 2007.  His rap protoge Nicki Minaj shared her thoughts:

“He’s gonna have so many people there. I’m sure it will go by like days to him. It will probably be a weird experience, but at the end of the day, he’s gonna come out stronger like he always does. Nothing ever phases him really, which I guess is the story of a champion.”

“I just know that he’s is going to be up there in February. I’ll [visit him] as often as I can I mean, he’s gonna be up in New York and I’m from New York, so, I would love to just come up there as often as I can,”


Lil Wayne’s Rebirth Gets Pushed Back To February 1st


Well, that’s labels for ya.

Drake Talks About Thank Me Later And Nicki Minaj etc.

If he ever manages to get that collabo with Sade, that may be one to talk about for a long time.

Young Money – Bedrock (New Video)

Cute video.  Drake kilt it as usual.  Those pants on Tyga…  Hahahahahahahaha!  Smh.

Drake Snatches Two Grammy Nods

Drake is nominated for best rap song and best rap solo performance for the hit single Best I Ever Had .  At first, Drake didn’t even realize he was nominated.

“I have to say, you know, it’s definitely an honour. I haven’t even put out my first album,” he said. “Being a kid from Toronto, I’m just proud, man. I know my mom’s at home, buggin’ out. I’m just glad to be here.” – Drake

He’s up against some tough competition, but you gotta be proud of the Young Money artist. Drizzy’s first full album is expected to drop in the new year.