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Kid Cudi Wears A Kilt?

Wtf, is going on here?  Is Kid Cudi trying to tell us something other than that he may enjoy feeling cool drafts?  A kilt Cudi?  For what purpose really?  He was seen in this outfit on New Years Eve in Miami.  I knew somethin was off about that boy…

And peep the video below of him actually performing in the kilt with John Legend on stage.


Kid Cudi Punches A Fan In The Face/Video/Photos

Ok, so apparently some fan threw their wallet on stage at Cudi and Cudi gives it back to the wrong guy.  The guy throws it back and Cudi jumps down and decks him right in the face.

Image Source:  TMZ

TMZ spoke with the punchee Michael Sharpe.  He said:
someone behind him threw a wallet onto the stage. He says Cudi tossed it back to the crowd and Michael caught it — but since it wasn’t his, he tossed it back. Sharpe says that’s when Cudi came towards him and, he says, Cudi started to punch him.

Sharpe says his friends held him back and security quickly pulled Cudi away. Sharpe told us, “I’m not upset, I’m not going to be that person. I just want to meet him and be like ‘I’m the guy you punched.’ I’m not going to press charges.

Damn, over a broke a** wallet?  Good look for Michael even with the deck mark and all, but bad for Cudi 😦

Kid Cudi Ft. Kanye West & Common – Make Her Say (New Video)

I’m really feeling the video and concept.  Something a little different is always appreciated.

Kid Cudi Freestyle On Tim Westwood