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NFL Player Chris Henry Dies/Was It Suicide?/Ocho Cinco Reacts

Chris Henry of the Cincinnati Bengals passed away Thursday morning after falling from the back of a pickup truck driven by his fiancee Loleini Tonga.  Witnesses say Chris was in the back of the pickup banging the windows and the roof of the vehicle.  They said he was yelling, “We need to talk”, and “If you take off, I’m going to jump off the truck and kill myself”.

Now, one has to ask the question, why didn’t his fiancee just stop?  Or did Chris jump from the moving pickup?  Either way, the story is too sad.

Here’s how fellow teammate Ocho Cinco reacted below:


Boxer Vernon Forrest Tweets About His Death

Former boxer Vernon Forrest was gunned down in Atlanta over the weekend.  He stopped at a gas station to put air in his tires when he was held up at gun point.  Just a week ago, the former boxer said this on his twitter account:

“Man I had a nightmare last nite I dreamt I come home and found 4 guys were breaking into my house. I pull my heater and it was empty they chased me and was about to shoot me then I woke up. The first thing I did was get my heater and made sure it was loaded. That dream will not come true.”

Source:  Necole Bitchie

That’s so crazy!  Vernon Forrest was also planning a comeback in boxing.  He had intentions of getting back in the gym next month.  So sad.


Check this out:


Neither T-Pain, above, nor his trademark top hat nor his Vocoder device will be at a concert in Guyana after he was threatened with kidnapping or death, The Associated Press reported. T-Pain, the Florida-born hip-hop and R&B performer whose real name is Faheem Najm, was scheduled to perform a concert in that South American nation on Monday night as part of its Mashramani festival, which celebrates Guyana’s independence from Britain. But the show’s promoter canceled the event after receiving what he said were “credible death and kidnapping threats” against T-Pain via e-mail messages and telephone calls. A police commander for the area told The A.P. that the local authorities were investigating.

Source: nytimes

Now, my question is why exactly? Maybe some people don’t appreciate his love for the vocoder auto-tune device? His top hats? His interesting fashion choices? Maybe he’s just become a ‘pain’ to some. Is that really enough to want to harm somebody? Of course not. But whatever irksome thing that T-Pain has done, Guyana aint feeling it.