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Christmas At The Whitehouse

Christmas At the Whitehouse aired on ABC Sunday, featuring Oprah with President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.  If you missed it, watch below:


10 Year Old Interviews President Obama

10 year old student reporter Damon Weaver from Florida got the chance to speak with President Barack Obama in a televised interview. He’s interviewed celebs and public figures all around the country.

President Obama Throws First Pitch At All-Star Game


President Obama throws the first pitch before the All-Star game

President Barack Obama performs the ceremonial first pitch at Tuesday’s All-Star Game.  Retired baseball legend Willie Mays flew with Obama from Michigan to St. Louis to attend the game yesterday.

What’s President Obama Looking At?


Was President Obama looking at that girl’s booty?  A video of the this event has been analyzed and torn apart and sources have concluded that the video clearly shows Obama wasn’t checking out the girl’s backside.  But peep the look on President Sarkozy’s face!  “Giggles”  Maybe that g’s butt is too big!

President Obama Meets With PM Gordon Brown


On Tuesday, President Barack Obama met with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown to discuss the United States and British economic stimulus packages. PM Brown is the first European leader to meet with President Obama.

Source: Concreteloop

President Obama Spotted At NBA Game


President Obama attends a Bulls and Wizards game

President Barack Obama attended the Bulls and Wizards game on Friday night in Washington D.C. The President smiled, waved and greeted surprised NBA fans in the arena.


Photo credit: Concreteloop