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Mariah Carey’s Drunk Acceptance Speech

In case you missed it, songbird Mariah Carey was so tips that night at Palm Springs Film Festival that she couldn’t even play it off during her acceptance speech.

Mariah Carey won Breathrough Actress in the Lee Daniels film, Precious.


Kid Cudi Wears A Kilt?

Wtf, is going on here?  Is Kid Cudi trying to tell us something other than that he may enjoy feeling cool drafts?  A kilt Cudi?  For what purpose really?  He was seen in this outfit on New Years Eve in Miami.  I knew somethin was off about that boy…

And peep the video below of him actually performing in the kilt with John Legend on stage.

We Are Young Money (Youtube Video)

Hella funny!  Produced by Broken Equipment.

Shannon Brown Is The ‘Butt’ Of The Joke In Lakers Locker Room

While in an interview with Derek Fisher, FSN managed to catch another ‘side’ of fellow teammate Shannon Brown in the background…

The Tiger Woods Voicemail Slow Jam Remix

And this… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!  Yes, I couldn’t resist.  This is almost as funny as when neighbors reported that there was a man in a car accident found snoring and shoeless in an Escalade!!!  Don’t worry Tiger, you’re human just like the rest of us.

Rihanna On SNL

I know I’m a bit late with this one, but it was actually too darn funny not to post.

Guy Catches Laptop With His Butt

Just pure straight stupidness.  But I appreciate it.