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Lil Wayne Ft. Eminem – Drop The World (New Music)

Weezy and Em’ come together and create an anger anthem – Drop the World which is the third leaked track off Weezy’s Rebirth.  Notable lyrics include, “B****, I’ma pick the world up and I’m gonna drop it on your f******head” and also, “The world is my Easter egg, prepare to die…”


Weezy Goes To Jail In February 2010

Lil Wayne pleaded guilty to accept up to an 8 month term in jail for gun charges back in 2007.  His rap protoge Nicki Minaj shared her thoughts:

“He’s gonna have so many people there. I’m sure it will go by like days to him. It will probably be a weird experience, but at the end of the day, he’s gonna come out stronger like he always does. Nothing ever phases him really, which I guess is the story of a champion.”

“I just know that he’s is going to be up there in February. I’ll [visit him] as often as I can I mean, he’s gonna be up in New York and I’m from New York, so, I would love to just come up there as often as I can,”


Lil Wayne’s Rebirth Gets Pushed Back To February 1st


Well, that’s labels for ya.

Young Money – Bedrock (New Video)

Cute video.  Drake kilt it as usual.  Those pants on Tyga…  Hahahahahahahaha!  Smh.