Kelis Talks New Album

Despite everything happening with her and her former main man Nas, I’m a big fan of Kelis.  I like her style and delivery because it’s so different.  She’s currently working on her fifth album entitled Flesh Tones and should be due out next spring.

“Originally I wanted to do something electro,” she told MTV News. “I kind of went through all these different phases of what I wanted it to be. In recording stuff, it kept changing. Finally it got to this really electronic, dance, really melodic vibe. Everything started to come in that space. I started to fall in love with it. It took a life unto itself. It wasn’t calculated. … All the stuff I fell in love with and stuff I was writing fell into that space. It’s sort of a new-age disco — futuristic disco.” – Kelis

Source:  Concreteloop

Sources say she was recently signed to Will I Am’s label, but no one really knows until the album drops.  She’s been working with some producers on the album.

“I worked with Boys Noize, Jean Baptiste, Diplo and Switch, Burnz, [and] this cat named Replay. I have a nice, eclectic group of guys there.”

I’m sure she’s got a lot to share with us in this album.

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