Chris Brown Speaks On The BET Awards

A couple of days ago, I snatched for you a copy of the Drake/Chris Brown Vibe Dual cover.  Chris Brown opens up about his views on this past BET Awards ceremony which honored the late and great performer Michael Jackson.  Chris was taken out of the show’s line up after the incident involving Rihanna.  Here’s what he had to say about it:

“It was wack. I’ll keep it a hundred. The BET Awards was horrible. I was watching it, holding my face like, ‘Oh my God this is wack’. I didn’t get it. Michael Jackson was such a big entertainer. And I’m not dissing any of the artists who did the songs. But I was expecting a lot more energy for Michael. And BET Awards usually comes hard. I was expecting them to have Usher, Omarion and even Justin. And I was expecting Ne-Yo to dance. They were so bent on not getting me there that they messed up their own show.”

Source:  That Grape Juice

Now, even though I had my thoughts and resentment towards Mr. Brown, I felt that he would have added to the show quite nicely, especially with his skill for dance.  Smh.

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