LA BOXING Wants to Fight Chris Brown


Chris Brown

I really don’t mean to be on the whole Chris Brown/RiRi thing still since Chris managed to singlehandedly outlaw his career. But I just read this from the National Post and thought that this was hilarious! A dude named Anthony Geisler, President of LA Boxing created a Facebook group page called, “I Want to Fight Chris Brown.” A group that encourages people (virtually anyone) to sign up and fight Chris Breezy himself.

Since the alleged assault involving Rihanna, Lamborghini Breezy has his hands full. I’m starting to feel sorry for the kid! But if by chance this ‘fight’ should take place, it should be interesting because it’s reported that Chris is trained in martial arts. But, despite all that Anthony Geisler, a martial artist expert himself insists on challenging Chris to step into the ring one on one against him to see what it’s like to face someone his own size.

Included in the Facebook description, “If you’d like to be the next in line, join us here! “Shakes head” Poor Chris Brown. I guess he didn’t take in the consequences of hurting RiRi like that. Now he has to deal with a Facebook group that wants to take it straight to the Run it star. LA Boxing even went as far as sending a letter to Chris’s manager for a request for Chris to step into the ring and face Anthony Geisler. The group has not received word from the Superhuman singer’s representatives. This part made me laugh. Since the “I Want to Fight Chris Brown” group started, over 3,500 Facebook members have signed up. That’s probably including men, women and children. Don’t worry Chris, I still like you. Read the full story here.

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