Rihanna Injury Pic Confirmed by TMZ



During the whole RiRi and Chris Breezy fiasco, I thought to myself… Maybe it isn’t that bad that everyone is making it out to be. But after viewing the photo myself, I realized just how serious this is. Not because it’s a battered looking Rihanna and not because it may or may not have been Chris Brown’s doing. But because, it’s a young girl that found herself in a domestic altercation.

I think that, when it comes to abusive relationships, it should be everybody’s business, because sometimes the victim needs to understand that he/she needs to seek help be it through communication with each other, relationship counseling or just help to get out of that abusive environment if nothing seems to be working. Sometimes, the victim can’t do it all alone.

Whether the photo was a leaked illegally or not, it shows us all the remnants of a domestic assault. Out of respect, I will not post the picture. Instead you can view the leaked photo from TMZ.com here.

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